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19 Jan

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Showbox movies app for Android. With just install and download Showbox apk on your android, you can now watch the latest box office movies in HD on your phone for FREE.

Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movie

Ever wonder to watch the latest box office movies in HD on your android for FREE? WOW! It must be great to have such kind app. Well, you are not alone. Obviously, other million worldwide users will never give second though to have this most wanted app installed on their phone, if there is.

Well, good news for you!! SHOWBOX answers your wonder

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Showbox App Movies for Android

Showbox is an app for android which offers you countless HD movies and TV shows streaming for FREE. Yes, you heard it right, All for FREE. Whether it is an old or the latest trending box office movies, Showbox will bring them directly into your android.

Is Showbox Legit?

You must be asking, “Is it legal app?” Yes, it is legit app, at least in the UK. Showbox is in grey area that exploit a loophole in copyright regulation. Showbox streams your movies and never save them in the server. That, we can’t say it is violating the rules. Anyway, does it concern you? I doubt it.

However, regardless how legit Showbox app in UK, it seems Google don’t want to take a risk making Showbox available in Playstore. Hence, you have to rely on external source to get Showbox installed on your device.

This tutorial below will show you how to install Showbox to your android and other android based devices (kindle Fire and such). So, if don’t want to miss the chance watching HD movies for FREE, read to the end of article.

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ShowBox App Features

  • Free app. This app and all built-in features is free for all
  • FREE latest Movies and weekly TV shows with HD format available
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It’s lightweight app
  • Movies filtering based on genre, year, tittle, rating and type
  • Multi language subtitle
  • Create your own playlist and watch later option
  • All movies can be played using other external players such as MX Player and VLC media player
  • Chromecast features is supported. With this feature you can display your phone display onto bigger TV screen.
  • For the latest version, music streaming (BETA) is on going process. Seems it will be available fully in the next realease.

How to Download ShowBox Apk | Install Showbox

First, before installing showbox on your android, you must make a couple changes on your phone setting. Since we will install Showbox from sideload, you have to give permission to external source, here is to do it:

  1. Go to setting on your android
  2. Scroll down and select “Security” option

    Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movies Android-security setting

    Tap Security setting

  3. Next, scroll down again and find  “Unknown Sources” menu

    Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movies Android-Enable Unknown Source

    Tap and Check to allow external source installation

  4. A pop-up message will appear, Tap “OK” to allow external source installation

    Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movies Android-Accept Term

    Tap “OK” to accept

That, the first requirement installing Showbox is complete. Now, let’s move to download showbox app and installation.

  1. Download Showbox APK from given link below. The file takes size about 39MB
    Download Showbox APK-4.81
  2. After your download is complete, open the Shobox APK file to start installation.
  3. You will be prompted to accept the term, Tap Install to begin

    Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movies Android

    Tap “Install” to begin

  4. Wait for about 1-2 minutes for installation. And boom, you are ready for free movies

    Download Showbox APK | Showbox App Movie


Install Showbox Apk for Windows PC/Laptop

To install Showbox on your windows PC you need an Android emulator. There are various popular android emulators out there such as Bluestacks 2, Koplayer, and Andy OS. With this emulator, you will be able to watch the latest movies and TV shows on you PC bigger screen.

To install showbox on your PC/laptop follow steps below.

  1. Download bluestacks 2 emulator here Bluestack 2 | Bluestacks Offline Installer (google drive link).
  2. Now install Bluestacks 2 on your PC, See: Complete Tutorial How to Install Bluestacks 2 on Your Windows 7/10/8/8.1 Pc/Laptop.
  3. After competing your installation, all you need to do is open (double click) the ShowBox apk file on your local drive which you previously download. Then, showbox will automatically installed on your Bluestacks.
  4. Done. Now you can stream latest HD movies and TV shows on your PC bigger screen.

Wrapping Up

Showbox is the best Android app for watching movies and TV show for free. You can download Showbox apk from link above and easily install with no advanced knowledge needed. Showbox has tons of feature that will give you a rich experience in watching movies. It is easy to use, simple, lightweight and many other customization  menus available for you.

Keep visiting us for the latest update of Showbox. If you are facing any problem just comment down below, we will gladly help you. Happy watching 🙂

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